March 30, 2013


I remember the colour of sky that day,
It was mildly blue,
Gesturing me to try and have a say,
Subtly-blurting the clue..

Winds were so calm,
Not letting me breathe,
Surroundings singing your Psalm,
Deafening it was,I seethe.

I tried hard,
but the words wont come out,
caught her off guard,
with my forced shout.

'Hi,who are you'
as if I am security,
just appeared out of the blue
the dude of obsecurity.

My mind going crazy,
trying to analyze,
vison going hazy,
why did I raphsodize. 

Or was I too straight,
making her uncomfortable,
or simply too late,
already taken by somebody capable.

"Hi i am new",
in a sweet voice,
with a smile sparkling as dew,
and mesemerised with her poise.

Honestly I was too amazed,
for i had found the rare combination,
of glamour and grace,
of calm scintillating sensation.

Yet I was a fool,
to let the moment go,
destiny being cruel,
with distances to grow.

Lucky are those,
who have with them,
the one they chose,
to savour the moment of gem.


PS-Another impromptu effort!


  1. I'd prefer speaking here :p

    Insane Vocab mahn. I am still looking for a couple of words there. Waise, in a real scenario coming straight and encroaching a stranger girl's way like that would end one up in prison, alas !

    Nice portrayl of emotions.
    Good one. \m/

  2. Well this incident is from my school in real thankfully no prison...anyways thanks for the comment...vocab is not my strong point..but i m glad u appreciated the effort!

  3. I understand what you were feeling here. Sometimes hard to find just the right words to say when one wants to introduce yourself to someone. You did well the capture these awkward moments.

    1. Thank You so much..I am glad u liked my portrayal of "awkwardness"

  4. I love the subtle build up with the words "mildly, subtly calm..." and the BAM! Deafening and seething! The words seem to dance from there. Lovely word play! I also really love the lines:
    Hi,who are you'
    as if I am security...."
    I felt exactly that way before!

  5. You captured the feelings well - love "the dude of obscurity" time, you may find the words to say to her:)

  6. inner insight colors every stanza~ lovely!

  7. You really worked hard on that rhyme scheme!

    1. I think with the thoughts..words adjust themselves..I firmly believe that human thoughts are almost always poetic in nature..