March 28, 2015

War Within..

He tries his best,
to tame the rest,
to be the one..
who wins the quest.

Yet he forgets,
that when sun sets,
waiting somewhere..
someone has regrets.

Of spending lonely time,
Like a melody without rhym,
forgotton in chaos..
of earning few dimes.

Confusion reigns large,
As chaos takes charge,
directions going haywire..
as misunderstandings barge.

With tear drops, cheek stain,
storm brews, incessant rains,
stretched with aspirations...
Life feels the strain.

Yet he decides,
on hopes, he rides,
of finding peace..
when the pain subsides.

Future feels heavy still,
like tumbling rocks on hill,
held together in tighntness...
by an iron clad will.

He is determined to fight,
to find what is right,
forcing victories...
On whatever is in his sight.

Victory smells so near,
being approached, with no fear,
as a bottle of champagne..
waits for a final cheer.

What is pious, what is sin?
who is foe, who is kin?
all seems fair..
in this WAR WITHIN..


PS: Writing after a while, this poem focusses on the part of us, which simply refuses to give up. 'War Within..' is something we all fight, with ourselves and our aspirations. As we become more aware of our plight, by comparing ourselves to this competetive world, this war becomes even more fiercer. Our victory depends on us and it is always just near...

September 28, 2014


Without stopping,
Life rushes at its pace..
I am so confused,
Who started this race?
Aimlessly, I run,
In a direction of grace.
Enchanted by,
Smile on that face.
Story continues..
Just another phase..

Out of nowhere..
It starts to rain,
Clean colorless clothes,
Begin to stain...
Routinal schedules..
Begin to strain..
How do i focus?
I am trying in vain..
Story takes wild turns..
Awaiting climax is main..

In heaps..
Characters arrive,
Fighting for space..
Trials and strive..
Many perish..
Who is still alive?
Only few remain..
battle hardened knives.
In chaos of war,
I hope fairness survives.
Story sees action..
Wishing, I take a faithful dive.

Oh yes, I remember,
Before I forget,
IPHONE it is..
..without any regret.
Whatever it may cost..
Its a safe bet.
Unforeseen troubles ahead,
Stability is what we get.
Story is just an excuse..
Isnt it clear yet?


PS - Another collection of random thought. Watch this space for more.. story continues.. !

August 31, 2014

Life - The Marathon

The life just goes on
And the sorrow is too much
It just goes on
And joy is so less
Carry on,
Its not coming again
Just move on
Its just not coming, again

For the people who care
Go beyond the limits
And for who do not deserve
It is what it is

Life is beautiful
And is hard too
People come and stay
But sometimes they leave too

And when you are down
Remember the people who were
For all worries and grief
Because life just goes on
Drunk or sober

The life just goes on
And the sorrow is too much
It just goes on
Its a marathon
And joy is so less
Carry on,
Its not coming again
Just move on
Its just not coming, again

July 28, 2014


Sometimes lost and then again found..
And then at times,
mercilessly burned to the ground..
My beautiful world is scattered all around..

In miraculous hopes, of future to come,
And memories of past,
which make me feel so numb,
I wonder what my present has become..

As ruthless time, paints its picture so dark..
I search desperately,
for cheerful shades and their lost mark..
As I stare blankly at incomplete time's arc..

Words become my guide in this deriliction,
As on my way,
I lost my imagined direction..
And now somewhere, I seek resurrection..

I tried presenting, a picture so clear,
Negotiating, turns of time,
Very carefully, I steer..
Story still rolls, without any hint of fear.


PS: Impromptu

July 12, 2014

Let me Grow...

From a sapling to a grown flower,

With tender love and care...

Nurtured at life's each and every stage,

To fight for the right and turn the page...

Now its time to survive the challenges of life,

And to face the myriad of strifes...

Each day a new challenge is awaited,

The strong forceful storm unabated...

The strong winds may even take aback,

But sail against the wind to come out of the black...

Though its may be the eye of the storm,

With each challenge, the flower will burgeon and reform...

The mighty storm, let me grow,

I am ready to fight you and let you go...

Your each move will make me stronger,

I will grow to spread my fragrance everywhere, said the flower...