December 9, 2011


I saw you somewhere,

I dont remember.

But in depth of your eyes,

My heart did surrender,

His will to do things,when being alone.

His will to fake emotions;emotions not to be shown.

I dont know why,

I remember you.

Unlike others,who cameby and went,

but with you,I have no clue.

of what happend,to flow of time,

frozen in the moment;the moment sublime.

I am aware,

You dont know,I exist.

Like a flower,blooming innocently,

unaware of presence of admiring mist.

I roam aimlessly,with strange faces around.

Patiently waiting;waitng to be found.

I dont know whether,

I'll see you again.

I'll learn to live, the way it is,

A life with a hint of pain.

You live in my imagination,in moments given by you.

Rest is for time to compensate;compensate its due.


  1. Bhai beautiful !
    got an awesome feel :D
    Maza aa gya padh ke :)

  2. Nice work kartikeya. :-) ...
    I guess it totally justifies "Love at first sight".
    Good work. :-)

  3. Your work is stunning. You have a poet's soul. I read it in your work.

  4. Your blog is amazing! I am following via Google as well as on Facebook! I hope you will return the favor :)

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    Big hugs! I love your words and that 3rd stanza is my favorite! Adore!!!!


    1. @kellie thnx..and sure...luved ur blog as well!!cheers!

  5. Loved reading these poems, thank you for sharing. maybe you will visit my blog at: You're very welcome to comment what you can read there.

  6. I found this poem just amazing!!!! I could literally feel the words. Great going...:)