March 24, 2013

I wonder who wrote that?

The story of my state-of-mind as an idea translates into reality on paper:

As i take out my pen wondering what to write,
The idea that struck me while on the bus, seems to be, just right.
Just then, other ideas pop out of nowhere to fight,
asking me, "How could you put us out of sight?"

As i choose one, and dismiss others away,
the chosen one says "I will now see the light of the day".
I must now start writing, as if modeling from clay,
As the night silently shifts to a bright day.

The words have now started to seep,
the black ink causing the pearl white paper to weep.
Writing is another form of introspection, down deep
And i feel like i am already asleep.

And out of nowhere, comes that moment i dread,
when the word flow suddenly comes to an end.
I keep telling myself to hold, that it's just another bend,
and that, every writer faces this trend.

The pristine thoughts start to flow once again,
I feel relieved, that this idea will not go in vain.
My brain is now running like a steamy train,
I feel happy that this work actually went quite plain.

Giving it some finishing touches, oh, i think i heard a rat,
Ah there it was, the little creature hiding beneath that dusty mat.
Now I am back at my chair, staring at the piece of paper i had,
I feel astonished, I feel bamboozled, I wonder who wrote that?
As i proofread this work, i still wonder who the hell wrote that?

1 comment:

  1. Writing is a bliss !
    Writing is beautiful !
    The flow takes over and yes, you don't realize when and how you possibly knitted a mesmerizing verse.
    True story !

    Loved the essence of it.
    Good one Rish, :)