May 11, 2013

Seeking Answers

Back at Csquare after so long and the date made me do so. :)
Farewell, why did you meet us? Why ?
Gratitude for the spectacular show that was put forth by everyone present.
Attached is a small attempt at something i am relatively new at. 
Pardon distortions in the audio. 

                            [CLICK THE IMAGE TO LISTEN ON YOUTUBE

it'd be days 
that we'd be gone

i'm still trying to picture it out
i found it
that the only things i'd carry
are these
bits and pieces of memories

it really completes the picture
that a big part of my life, so relevant
just disappeared

Was this inevitable ?
because mathematically
this just doesn't add up
four wonderful years to create
one single day to erase
time indeed desperate
seeking the need to replace

impossible for me to face
i clinched on to you
i held you right in my palms
if need be, tie me to the knuckles
hoping, i'd continue getting your love
of every mate that stood by
but i can't
you're slipping right through my fingers

and now what lingers, is silence
but that wasn't my grip lacking
destiny felt inadequate
because no matter what we said
what we did
wasn't enough
to please time or destiny

it wasn't enough
for probably we were to be told
move on
move away is how it sounds
right here piercing right through this soul

i'd not ask others for notes
not that the purpose is over
but apparently
shadows don't talk to you
don't help you with studies
don't troll around the campus with you
because what remained
has slipped right through my fingers..

i'd not seek the book shop's shelter either
coz the urgent times won't come
for the elapse was quick
real quick
before one could've begin to fathom

nowhere would resound
those constant nags
one should've seen us
doing the 'thingy' in the classrooms
and then there are these empty benches 
those weren't there
which yell out the lack of presence
in reality life's absence
when i could wish for anything, not ours

The reason i've meant
each trust that was kept
each friend lost
each tear shed
anything that prevented us
from being us
doing, what i wanted to be doing
each time
turned right back at HIM

Everytime i'd convey this
because for this
because no words can have a single explanation
to what you did

How do i quote this on this day ?
That i came to be less of a student
lesser of an engineer apparently
doing whatever the hell i was trynna do
with people like you around
and the next thing i knew
i couldn't think of anyone who'd one day leave me..

but inevitably
as Grandma used to say
we all leave
i remember the first day like yesterday
yesterday like moments before
not dragged
certainly swivled in all true colors
to the shore

i'd wish things could be relived
put to a loop infinitely
and would never have to see
the gate go shut behind them
with the phrase
A new world awaits you, see !

i wish..
i wish..


  1. "i remember the first day like yesterday"
    Indeed time slipped past us...thanks for this wonderful poem..I enjoyed written version more...!

    1. It's always been a learning experience with you K-way !