January 27, 2013


Last night, among same moon and stars,
I met God, in horizon far.
I accumulated courage and asked Thee,
'God,what you are ?Please explain it to me.'

God replies:
'Close your eyes
and visualize.'
Beauty of mountains,
dissolving sun rays in sprinkling fountains.
Giant fruit laden trees,
beautiful flowers with buzzing bees.
Hurry of river to flow,
wonderful sight of fire flies glow.
I am elegant impression of artist of love,
I am a beautiful site of flying dove.
I am a shooting star in night blue,
So dear son,I live in the beauty around you.

But some of you, oppose my fame,
you kill innocents in my name.
Calling yourself warriors of peace?
by keeping common on knees.
You measure my gift of life,
with a gun and knife.
I am in your pain,in your sinful desire.
I will burn with you, in hell's fire.
I am there in your superstion,in your fears,
So you see ,I am also in darkness, my dear.

I opened my eyes in a firm resolve.
The horror of cruelties,must end and absolve.
Mother nature will give us love as before,
hatred will be among us no more.


PS-This was written long time ago..simple and beautiful...this is closest to my heart..!


  1. Bhai beautiful !
    Sheer truth you brought forth in the words of God.
    Humankind needs to give a second thought to this ruthlessness around us, soon.

    Thanks for sharing ! \m/