December 8, 2012

At times....

At times i ponder a lot,
forgetful of life,
in columns of time,i rot.
In a way,this mystery,
gressfully unfolds,
Hiding some truths,
answering some questions untold.
Life has been this way for a while,
moving slowly,on such a slow mile.
However, i love to live in these times,
with some interesting tunes,
with some beautiful rhymes.

At times it hurts a lot,
an injury of heart,
not of flesh that clots.
Life continues to throw,
its punches at me,
i try to duck them all,
but not all i am able to see.
After each wound ,
i tell myself to move on,
after the darkest hour,
there surely is a dawn.

At times colours confuse me,
so different they are,
yet are together,just to amuse me.
They bring life to this world,
this house of dead,
they bring happiness to the picture,
which we have painted bloody red.
But till when,
their patience will hold,
the Painter will get fed up,
and conclude with line of scold.

" K-WAY!!!!"
PS- A collection of random thoughts.... 


  1. wow man!! 2nd para touched...likhne ki frequency badha yr..

  2. wow man!! 2nd para touched...likhne ki frequency badha yr..

  3. And K-way does it yet again :D
    Mesmerizing, every bit of it.
    The hope is certainly there, behind those dark clouds as they say...
    and this hope is the oil for us to keep trudging, keep painting, keep on being that painter and to keep our palette (head) clean (introspecting) 'what good i did today and what it would result in'.
    Doing so the RED you talked about would turn into a shade of golden.

    \m/ loved it.

  4. That was really something. Good Work no no no.. cancel that i meant Beautiful work. :)

    1. thank u very much for ur appreciation-it surely motivates me for better!!

  5. Yes indeed, after dark hours there always comes a dawn. I like this poem, as it has a darkness about it but ends in the light. So glad to see you in Poetry Pantry.

    1. It is always a pleasure to be a part of poetry pantry...Thank u!!

  6. Yes, how true that dawn always arrives even after the darkest night. Lovely poem!

  7. Nicely written, very interesting thoughts. :-)

  8. Seems to spur the reader on along his own path.