March 8, 2013

A Thought

Sitting idle in this dark and hazy night,
When half of the world is sleeping tight...

A thought bloomed in my mind,
Though a pensive thought but still undefined...

A new star appeared at the horizon as if,
Higher and higher but below the zenith...

"The meaning of Life, God's greatest gift,
How it moves fast with a swift.."

Still we lament over our longings and expectations,
Unhappy and unsatisfied with God's special creations...

So why not change what we want ourselves,
Because the gift of Life is Life itself.

Life is too short to worry about worries,
On the path of life, rather not scurry..

Live every second to the fullest,
Every stroke of your brush mastered as best...

A thinking, just a mere thought,
Few words...As the life is short 


  1. Nice piece bro !
    Life is indeed short to waste time living it out with anxiety bound head. True that indeed.

  2. Wonderful thought beautifully expressed through words :)