February 6, 2012


I struggle through history to find,
at what point mankind lost its mind.
At what point exactly,we forgot,
to love each other,
was the only thing He taught.
We fought meaninglessly,with no gain.
He must have lamented each time in pain.
We fooled our brothers,with no shame,
guilt ridden,in His name we blame.
I feel the anguish of winds passing by,
asking me subtly,why shouldn't I cry?
Were you ever differentiated by this sun?
shining brightly , that's all he has ever done.
Oh! this noise of silence deafens me,
scenes of death and war as far as I could see.
They are wrong those who think they know.
I think,may be,He left us long ago.
May be,He is not as merciful,as they show,
He let us do this to each other...

I have seen you through pages of time,
still growing ,is not much of a crime.
With time,my child,
that understanding will come,
To be the being,I set you out to become.
I believe,that seed of humanity is still alive,
the one I sow in you,
the one on which you thrive.
But I must keep myself from interfering,
For I must,let you learn to survive this fearing.
I do get upset,I cannot deny,
But as your dutiful teachers,I must let you try.
I instruct the nature,to be your guiding light,
in dark times,your inspiration in waging a fight.
Life may not seem always fair,biased to rest,
or may be,this is just another test.
Not being with you,does not mean,I reside in that stone,
However, it doesn't either..I LEFT YOU ALONE!


  1. Great piece of work.
    Socially propelling.
    Vital point you raised that we are blindly being inhuman and its getting worse.
    Many beautiful phrases there !
    This calls for another reading.
    I think everybody should read this, indeed !

    Keep it up mahn :)

  2. nicely written yar :)
    makes u think wat all v r upto dese days, :((
    great work! keep it up :)

  3. Thoughtful words, gone below the surface, written to leave us with something useful. Compelling.

    We are consumed of our own selves.

    What you write, is well worth reading. It is good to read work of one possessing skill and awareness of other's.

    Thank you.