February 22, 2012

I , Me and Myself

On a cold December day,

it was evening, they say.

A baby opened his eyes,

with conscience that knew no lies.

Unassuming,believing what was shown,

that was the day I was born.

I lived a life without care,

doing things no one dared to dare.

I lived un-dictated,I knew no fear,

I knew no sadness,I knew no tear.

But i knew ,

without identity world would be difficult to tame.

Thus,in Me, I got a name.

Now for the first time in life,

I felt fear,

Protecting 'Me',a name so dear.

Now I saw the eyes of world in perspiration,

for, he lacked the very inspiration.

I and me were now not alone,

now came the day,my-self was born.

I,me and myself now live together,

bonded together,

in flight of life feather.

Living a life,as it comes on a day.

singing own -songs,

rather repeating what others say.

They now,clearly know,together as one,

there is a world that has to be won.

I am in dullness ,I am in color,

I am in a soothing-cool-breeze of summer,

I am in myself ,I am in me.

I live in a world that only I see.

Who am I?

Oh! i tried in vain,

space too less, words too many to explain.

PS-I wrote this poem a while ago,still it remains one of my favourite ones.Each time I read it,I find myself staring right through my soul.This poem is my evolution of understanding and thoughts wrapped together.


  1. Superbly written Kartikeya !
    True that the free-going soul of a child is indeed
    something to look at and learn from.
    And yes, the thing about man's introspecting about the countless '?s' that revolve around are frustrating when go unanswered, even more compelling to stick to the
    material joys and then the same saga follows.

    Thanks for this piece !

  2. Very creative, lovely rhyme and rhythm... I like this.

  3. Such a wonderful, creative representation of you! I love it~ So glad you shared this :D