January 13, 2012

It's Complicated

Not too near,not too far,

they live their lives just at par.

World seems so crystal clear,

full of laughter but blurred by tears.

Each day goes by in a constant scare,

still asking,is hell of a dare.

Their world fits,perfectly together,

but mood fluctuates like monsoon weather.

Through common friends or in wink of an eye,

without missing each other,not a day goes by.

Not burning yet,just feeling the heat of fire,

hearts begining to join,though by a thin wire.

Not too much loved,not too much hated,

ask them ,they tell you,"It's complicated".

Believe me, heart tells when its worth a try,

eyes will give your answer,words may lie.


  1. Beautiful !
    A pair of lines, one dips emotions and the other one sets them afloat !

    Agree so much to the 2nd last line ! :)