December 27, 2011


It was a nice sunny day,
announcement screamed through speakers,
in the usual way.
Everybody had a smile on their face,
going back home,after vacation,
with memories of this beautiful place.
everything flowed smoothly on lines of norm.
A silent calm existed,
like the one exists before a storm.

In skies they were,on that fateful date,
drifting slowly towards home,
eager to meet loved ones who anxiously wait.
suddenly from nowhere in sounds of strife,
their stood four men in dark,
each wearing a mask,armed with a knife.
The bespectacled one moves forward and rages,
"This plane is hijacked,
you all are taken as hostages."
A sinking feeling began to engulf each one,
still not knowing what has happend,
but the horrors had just begun.

"My passengers,this is your captain speaking,
our plane has been hijacked,please cooperate,
give them whatever they are seeking."
Final announcement came,though a little late,
fear had already spread like wild fire,
panick stricken passengers cursing their fate.
"All will be fine sweetie,try to sleep",
came an assurance from a mother,
knowing inside, something dark and deep.
An atmosphere of uncertainty prevailed,
may be our government will save us,
or our world would crash,if it failed.

He appeared once again,
"I dont want to hurt you,
I dont want to give you pain."
But then he shouts on the top of his voice,
"Dont try anything stupid,
or I'll have to make a choice."
To prove his point he moves ahead,
stabs a passenger with a grin on his face,
in agony stood the bride, splashes flew bloody red.
From hopelessness and desperation to choose,
terror reigned their hearts,for they feared,
not for themselves,but loved ones they could loose.

The night of darkness slowly went past,
what a reprive was dawn's sun,
a ray of hope at last.
Finally in rumours, the news broke,
government had conceded to the demands,
they would be set free at noon's stroke.
slowly slowly,taking its time, the moment came,
but freedom came at cost of scars,
life would not remain the same.
A deadly terrorist was freed in return, as well,
who later killed thousands across the world,
made this place a living hell.

Time has passed,but moments are still alive in their fears,
some wounds may have healed,
some still remain in that widow's dried tears.
twelve years have passed since this desperate time,
they still roam freely somewhere,
perpetrators of this heinous crime.
Question I ask is why are we so helpless in times of need?
why these barbarians make us dance on their tunes...
why cant we destroy their very seed?
Why we stood,hands folded,as if we don't care?
We are a nation of pride,that of honour,

PS-This poem is dedicated to all passengers of flight number IC-814 which was hijacked on 24th December,1999.Government of India released Maulana Mazhood Azhar, a deadly terrorist in return for lives of the passengers.Mazhood Azhar was later linked to terrorist attacks on Indian Parliament on 13 December,2001.Ahmed Omar was involved in murdering of American reporter Daniel Pearl.Mr.rupen Katyal was stabbed to death by one of the hijackers.


  1. Mahn !
    fantastically moved.
    Story teller you are. :)
    More importantly a good question you've put up !

    I do believe that a lot has to change regarding the way our leaders approach things. But this gonna happen when they find time out of their Swiss holiday :p :p

  2. an awesome effort kartikeya,, u really tried hard and it simply shows d effect it leaves on d reader :) well done! :)

  3. @Ankit thanks a lot man,and you are right...we all should have a candid discussion on this issue...times must change now ..enuf is enuf!