May 16, 2011

Don't know why...

Don’t u have the sleepless nights like I do?

Don’t you feel like pushing the boundaries like I do?

Don’t you want to hold my hand and walk a mile?

And never miss me for a while..

I don’t know it’s a yes or no,

I don’t know where to go,

But I just hug myself all night,

Convincing myself,

My thoughts about you are right,

I spend my days thinking about you.

Fearing nothing but to lose you,

But as the day goes by,

I ask myself do I even have you?

I see every sunrise alone,

Then why I wish the sunset with you?

I even see the moonless night alone,

Then why the falling stars,

Remind me of you,,?

Standing on the edge of every decision

And then turning back again,

i don’t know how it pleases me,

seeing all my feelings go in vain…