May 20, 2011

Rum-med Writing

Dont cry dont cry
Lets just look at it like this
I have been the reason for many people to cry
So you are not the first

I may have it said so rude
But i have always been like this
It's just that you noticed now
Realising that i cracked on your heart

I know you are angry,
I can understand your complains
But believe me girl please
You don't have to believe what i said

I never have wrong intentions
It just slips from my tongue
I don't even know what's wrong in it.
I am so stupid to realise.

Ok! let's just give it one more try

Don't cry don't cry
I am another stupid masculine
Uttering all the time without thinkin'
So fool and so dumb
Always writing stuff while rum-med.

I promise that again it won't happen
That's the best i can do
You want me to figure it out
I'll also do it for you

C'mon you still don't believe me
Now i feel like a clumsy frog
I am moving out right now
Pro'lly i'll write something for confessors blog!!

P.S : Writing helps.



  1. writing surely helps!! ;) :D
    very well written!! :))

  2. Very lively.
    Feels like i am watching a conversation right in front of me.
    Great job 1c again .