May 10, 2011

This nothingness

The idea behind the following poem has been extracted from a Tobey McGuire starrer movie "Brothers" wherein he was compelled by Jihadis to bring his captivated mate to death so as to set himself free.
Often time plays
torments on you
but i am a bit different
to be true
for it has toppled
me into nothingness
for something i committed
back in that wilderness

Amidst the jadery
 of the Jihadis
and the helplessness
of this heart
was being refrained 
my mate
of his life,his love
and a daughter
still in her cart.

A lead bar i was handed
and thus the uneasyness
for i was to beat him to blood
to alight myself free
into this nothingness

Compulsion resounded
with some twenty savage men around
I wasn't there ,though standing
my mate bleeding and crying 
right down on the ground.

For what followed
is what keeps me so
good old memories flew across
just as everybody is destined to go

Today when his wife
with her expectant eyes
glances and gazes
those distant skies
and an old man 
bent with a burden
I look for an answer
in these hands
if and only if
i could
without disputation
this nothingness.