March 12, 2011

Gone with the tides

After basking in your lap for years
and paying ode to the rising sun
i had never dreamt of this outrage
sacked heart ,no intended pun.

I can't no more spot the trawler,
him overboard with a pound of net
poignant words,uplifting me in his arms
dashed got everything,away those arms got swept.

Gone too is the touch of the hands
that doled blessings,boundless love
the ones that perfused affection in Sushi
insatiable me here and clear skies above.

Thousand souls like me 
sit numb,seeking guild
for the thousand souls which left
we played the blade,they were the hilt.

The guise of brute reality
passed gifting this turmoil
and an eerie calmness too
in complete harmony with the grounds
where this heart toils !