March 15, 2011

Your Shade,,

Preserve that shade,
insensitivity may blot it,
confounded with change,
you'll be lost in crowd,
preserve that shade,
it may make you proud,

preserve that shade,
it may help you find,
the tranquility within,
when the hopes will be thin,

preserve that shade,
it makes you unique,
i am the one pleading from the crowd,
you dream to follow,
don't leave this shade,
else, you'll be hollow..


  1. well would repeat that !
    Kept short though vei nice !

    And this one u've used is equally good !

  2. Finally my comment :D :D
    I preserved it for now :D
    well just one word for this...AweSoMeeEEEE...
    n short offcourse :D

  3. finally your comment Prateek ,, :D
    thank you so much !! :D