February 27, 2011

The Old lady

She was walking down the streets 
holding a stick,
To me her face appealed 
reminiscing a flick
Attempting her best to get 
other side of road,
Tired at every step
 probably due to body load
Yet she was trying trying again
to cross the lane
and seemed like a focus of worries 
in a world of insane

With every step her head 
remained down
curves on forehead resembled 
a set of frowns
Alone in the world, 
she just appeared to me
but her calm face was 
like a blessing to me

And i gave it a thought
From every responsibility she's free
She might be having a son 
and a gud family
But then what was so
tense about her sight
On the road i got into thinking
With my eyebrows tight


  1. waah yaar wah !

    hope u write and add sumthing further to it and give it tints and tastes ur way !
    vei vei nice !

  2. thanx ... yeah i wrote (actually a long time ago) ... but couldn't frame the words correctly ... will try ..