November 1, 2010


Sometimes in life everything feels so down
I grab up a sheet
Trying to pen something down
Empty minded, i try to search y memory
Trying to relate my life to my poetry
And all that write makes no sense to people
Pulling through my throat alcolohic ripples
Half fallen eyelids show me unconscious
Tryin' to reminisce memories of someone precious

Sitting in a corner surrounded by walls
Flyin' back to the time memories i recall
An attempt i make to write somethin' on paper
But damn, i fail
I return back by shouts from the neighbour
It's 2 in the night clock starts to weep
A shout from next room ordering me to sleep
Racing each other million thoughts in mind
Darkness all around
And stars tryin' their best to shine
A scold from my mother
Scares million thoughts racing each other

And in the daylight when i walk through the streets
Learning from the world
Tryin' to match their feet
Every time i fail wondering what's the reason
Head laid down and my heart is squeezin'
I fall back, i fall back
Some i wish i could call back
Another attempt i make to get up and follow
Some people call this stupidness
But for me this is valor
When i turn back home with the drowning of sun
I posses enough thoughts
to write another piece to swallow