November 3, 2010

On the dark road,,alone,,

Sometimes i just want to hug you and sleep,
in the endless nights i weep,
sometimes i seek a hand to hold,
but always trying to be bold,

remembering the storms we faced together,
you left me midway just to get her,
said painful words piercing my heart,
probably her miniskirts are just too smart,
i am left on the dark road alone,
every golden thread now torn,
all the colors now meaningless and pale,
life is no longer a fairy tale,

wet eyes look at the sky for hope,
thunderstorms making journey slow,
in the lone corner i cry,
my heart just doesn't want to try,

incomplete lyrics and the music unsung,
spirit fading away in the wind,

hell,till dawn i am awake,
now for my own sake,
i just want to hug myself and sleep,
not a single tear left to weep..