October 31, 2010

Wish to B a gud son

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Struggling with life i've failed many times
Yeah, i admit that i'm unable to follow your lines
Failing to be a son, i let you lose your temper
I'm the one responsible for your anger

Drilled your heart, i lost my trust
My absent mindedness makes me no worth
And no good that i have done for you
Incrementing the problems that you have to face through

Destroying everything that you made for me
Forgetting you are the one who stood for me
And when i am feared surrounded in a storm
I remember how you held me mom
How you held me mom

Alone in the dark i hold my fear
Thinking of the time when you won't be near
Holdin' my breath i admit my sins
Fightin' my tears with sweat i am rinsed

Ran away from responsibilities like a coward
The trust you had in me making it hollow
I knw you feel it isn't worth
But dad give me a chance to follow

This time i wont let you down
gonna fight with my fate and get you the crown
And in the life's never ending run
All i wish is to be a good son


  1. Ye toh 1 of my favz. hai...!
    leaves u in deep thought !

  2. wowwwwwww!!! :)))))))))
    reminds me of the time when my dad was d only one who supported me during my entrance examz and after dat also,..

  3. thanx for the appreciation .. !!! .. yes it really hides a deep meaning ...