November 27, 2010

Paper and Pen

The piece of paper and the pen
Are just some ways to express my love
Approaching to heal my mind
And be the lucky one to be your guy
This paper and this pen
Help reminiscing good old times with you.

Days have passed since i last saw your face
But it seems like yesterday
I met you and had some good time
Wondering do you remember all this ?
Or was that the phase which just passed
like a blow of air
Comforting you to adjust your hair

Everything's positive since i met you
Even the dark night comes with a hope
Maybe i'll see you tomorrow
Expecting good time I pray to Lord
Pray for you to be with me
And even this thought flees all the sorrow.

My pen runs faster than clock
Writes your name and praises you a lot
No sleep in my eyes, instead
they just look at your picture
Applauding it, cursing me
And this continues until the battery is dead.

This piece of paper and this pen
Ask me why i can't say you all this ?
I've got no answer but yes i am scared
With the fact of you hating me
The picture i can't take it
Aggressive, tensed i throw away the pen
Shut the notebook an try to sleep
But it comes only in the dawn
When it's just few minutes for clock to beep

Sometimes, no reason, i just wonder
Why i curse this paper and this pen ?


  1. WOW ..........!
    dat was jus too realistic !
    as is i was watching a shot from sum movie...!
    u simply Rock bro !!
    gonna read it again n again .....!

  2. very nice!!
    superbbb!!! :))
    well done GD,,
    hoping to see more!

  3. really its wonderful amazing words and no word say about love after this words . just i want to say that love is the engine of life so all people searching about love and We bear the troubles of life because we have the love Without love will fall. good job Rhea ;) i hope to see more

  4. @Zizo: its not Rhea's work !
    u hav come to know about the composition from her....!
    Special Marketing Agent !