December 1, 2010

But one day,,, :'(

Shout at me,,
blame me,,
hurt me,,
make me cry,,
till my eyes go dry,,
but one day,,
i'll be gone forever!
leaving you with lonely nights,,
you'll terribly miss these fights,,
the dull days will be hell long,,
and loneliness unbearable,,
looking at my photos a tear will escape,,
for my one sight you'll crave,,
but ofcourse,, my heart will be with you,,
broken by you and few,,
but dat day,,
i'll be gone forever,,
you won't be able to love me ever..
Not a single moment you'll be able to relive,,
not another lovelock to rejoice,,
Then you'll remember your words,,
the ones telling me to die,,
trying to correct and bring me back,,
but time will play its game,,
proving all your efforts lame,,
At that moment,,
my love will be understood,,
That I always did whatever i could,,
but that day,,
I'll be gone forever,
and you won't be able to love me ever......


  1. wow !
    <3 "a tear wil escape .." <3
    Beautiful as olways !!
    Lubd it !!

  2. really ...well written .. realizes sometimes that some people are really special ...

  3. @ G.D,,
    yea,,some ppl r always just too special,, :)
    thanks alot! :)

  4. Hey.....A very touching one.....
    Really Beautiful....
    Touched my heart....

  5. Really ur work can make anybody who believes in true love cry!!!
    u never told me u write so well...
    i m impressed!!!

  6. hay re..
    mjhe to rula hi dia..
    but really nice work..

  7. sonali.. ur writings r truly awesum.. straight 4m heart it seems..