November 19, 2010

I still ...

I still cry myself to sleep,
Every night, on my bed.

I still dream of your return,

Making me smile, instead.

I still remember everything about you,

Every detail, I can't erase.
I still remember that day,
The way you comfort me and that look on your face.

I still miss you when something good happen,
Cause I know that if you were here, I would smile.
I still miss you when something bad happen,
Cause I know that you would make everything worthwhile.

I still write down things to you,
Talking with you whenever I need.
I still say to myself, I'm fine,
But in the inside, I constantly bleed.

I still smile when I hear your voice,
But then tears always follow.
I still can't believe you're really gone,
I can't bare another lonely tomorrow.

I still tell you how much I love you,
"I miss you" I keep whispering in the phone.
I still try to make you feel I'm not hurting,
I hang up and realize, from now on I'm all alone.

I still miss every word I used to tell you,
And I wonder if you miss it too.
I still wonder have you ever realize,
I would have given up my life for you.

I still ask myself should I disappear,
Would it be better for you, if I stayed away?
I still wonder if you know that your voice,
Is the only thing that helps me to go through another day?

I still do everything you wanted me to,
I swear,everything...except the frown.
I still behave to match your expectations,
I don't want to ever let you down.

I still can't move on,
Honestly, I don't want to let go.
I still hold on to your memories,
Cause, you are all that I know.

wrote this a few months ago ..... why ? that i too dont know....
Something that goes along :


  1. 1c again would add to the praise..!
    indeed a nice read !
    hope to read more soon of your nib !

  2. straight frm yur heart buddy!!
    its like ol d feelings sewn perfectly into a feeling depicting a heart still waiting to get her back!!!
    m just so touched!!
    awesomely written,,!!
    hope to see more veryy veryy soon!! :)))
    keep it up!! :))

  3. Waah waah Rakshit....touchy....
    mast likha hai ekdum....really nice....
    Welcome to Coloured Confessions....

  4. thanks everybody !!
    well yes , it was straight from my heart ! have some stuff with me !
    will be posting it soon !

  5. dis is jst so bful :)
    I also believe real good poetry comes from the soul and u hv writtn it wid oll ur heart..! gud work ..i appreciate!

  6. This poem is heartfelt, permeated with your feelings of loss. Very well done.

  7. Nice work rakshit .!! awesomely written!! ... Got the feel ... !