October 31, 2010

It'z similar in me

I walk through the crowd like everyone does
With the same rythm of their feet
catching through the streets

I am not different, different in any sense
holding like them, responsibilities

I am not an angel, i do have same feeling
and i wish like they dream
So it's same over the screen
Being like what i am, it's not working for me
Out of this world, state of insanity

I've got your good wish, but not your company
like i am standing alone on a road
but a huge traffic with me

I wish to see you, have your happiness in me
cuz' i am not an angel, m just a sapien being

All i do is like a dumb, no comparable to me
but it's all different, from where i see
In you, my world to be
without you, i can't even see
cuz i am just like a mean hman being .


  1. G.D. G.D. all the way !
    Loved the feel infested !

  2. GD...really nice wrk...n welcome to the blog... :)))

  3. hey!!
    nice work G.D!!
    welcome to coloured confessions!! :))
    its a truly appreciable and genuinely
    from heart work! :)))

  4. yo G.D.
    do u still remember me...???
    btw u did a good job..!!

  5. hey akash ... ya i do remember .. how r u ?

  6. wow...very good dear...
    I'm happy when other people happy
    and I weep when others weep
    I'm always there for you ...

    like note