August 11, 2010

Why to look up there ?

What is it we do with time?
Through it we are able to define
How fast we go in car
And to measure how far
Our lives have come along

Time spent wishing for things to be
Almost feels like time you’re wasting

How many times do you glance at the time across the day?
Waiting for it pass
Waiting for something to come your way

Feeling we can only go with the direction it takes
But what about the decisions we make?
Not the simple things
But rather our dreams
What does time have to do with it then?
When it’s not a question of if, but when?

The mystery
Is when will it come to be?
And it’s not a question of time
But will we know it in our minds?
When the something comes along we were hoping to find?


  1. dude u amaze me!! PEACE

  2. Love the truth in this poem...awesome writing! :-)

  3. thankz frnz.!

    hope 2 post at a healthy interval if ma college'z schedule permitz...!