August 8, 2010

I Plead

Lumberer i am but that doesn't matter
serving souls like you is what i cater
Trudging with you on this road much taken
I wish to enlighten the wave that left us shaken
An aquarium our lives
the black water fetches us feed
Dripping foreheads out in the yellow
is what we find as our creed
Poverty on our tyres, helplessness on lustrous steel
is resting there since ages but they won't heed
But we know how to suffice and meet our needs
Atleast don't snatch us from ourselves 
in the name of weeds
 in the name of weeds

Beneath this red cloth which weighs over a ton
I try to shadow the scars by destiny's gun
Two saplings at the street's end who've hardly met fun
For them i've been pleading and 
its not at all pun....
 its not at all pun....
Confiscation of souls is what we fear
Losing our daily bread as the day comes near
Black and grey are the skies which once donned clear
Dusk after dawn we are bound to bleed...
Atleast don't snatch us from ourselves 
in the name of weeds
 in the name of weeds........


  1. ya its true...
    poors r getting poorer n
    rich r getting richer...
    innocent lives r getting killed
    in d name of cwg...:'(

  2. hmm...frnz !

    letz scream aloud>>

    "delhi govt. hai hai..!"

  3. to phir der kis baat ki...
    kal hi se shuru karte h ye aandolan

  4. To My Dear Friend,
    da konvict,
    you are hearby notified that the dcp Ashok Vihar has requested your aquaintance this evening to disscuss the matter of Common Wealth Games(CWG)please do invite your friend known as Aashi, for the meet.
    P.S.-Being Absent will lead to filling of humurous charges.
    thanking you,
    your's truley,

  5. "peacekeeper"

    what ...
    u mus be kiddin..
    sorry i won't be able to come...!
    Urgent Analog Electronics lecture at my college place...!
    he he..


    i think u shud try n arrange sumthing similar with GILL OR DIXIT...!

  6. A powerful poem which touches the compassionate heart. Great job! Keep writing! (Too bad you couldnt make it to the meeting, hee hee!)

  7. thnkz Sherry..!

    n yup..
    i ruined a golden opportunity..!

  8. hey! i wasnt informed of such a meeting...neways hope dat ur frnd known as ananymous in future vl inform us on tym...

  9. he he..
    Aashi , this was nothing more than a prank..!