August 15, 2010

Hail "Tiranga"

Give a hearty cheer
for those who shed their
blood for you
When saffron white and green
streaks the sky right through
Remember those who for their flag
in the lap of their mother
did bleed and die...
Die that we all might
in this land breathe free
in this sacred land of liberty
For Aryavrata's great destiny
lies in its right to choose
Honour our forefather's brave precepts
Or our brave country lose
So ever hail the saffron,white and green
That on this day brings a teary eyed dew
Raise her banners high and higher
Celebrate with kites
the night gleaming with fire
We fervently pray
Never in vain will have been our fight
For with duty
We offered our most revered birthright
Vet's honored our grand old tricolor
With supreme patriotism
for freedom fought
With gallant heroism
Now we pray with sacrifices
given stalwartly
But 'Tiranga' will fly on into the
annals of history
Flying forever over this land of the free
Waving over the home of the brave...!

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