August 15, 2010

Just Soulz

Now raise your voice.Follow me
Thank the ones who kept us free
Whether Delhi , Dispur or Island of Andaman
Offer prayers and an open palm
Lets salute the brave, the tired, the true
who loved liberty through and through
Who clutched the flag and held it high
who ran with it to the battle cry
For souls like me and you
Who loved our country more than self
Left comfort home upon a shelf
Risked it all for freedom's hue
Doing, of course ,what they had to do
 For souls like me and you

We have to anyhow follow them
In faith; pave the path for future men
Light of hope around them pearled
Or live oppressed in a bitter world
Evil is still dancing on mother earth
Caring we aren't for freedom's worth
Peace n love beyond their grasp
Doomed to hell's external lock and hasp
Plucked from earth, and by and by
We ol 'll reach beyond the sky....
Beyond the sky.....!!!!



  1. are kaisi independence...
    even after 63 yrs of independence, its still a male-dominated world, social discriminations, honour killings,corruption...phew!! n d list goes on n on...

  2. Thank you for this piece on Independence. Evil will dance on our mother even when we have departed. Or is evil a human construct and imagining? hmmm. Your poem brings deep thinking.

  3. hmm...Aashi baat toh shi hai..
    but ye tu female chauvinism na kar..
    coz Fem. upliftment iz sort f on a roll now..
    he he..!

    baaki ssaare points se..
    I DO AGREE..!

  4. tHANKZ bRENDA..!

    eVil at d moment is wat i feel seems to go with d second possibilty of ur question more..!

    n dats sumthing to cater to.!