August 25, 2013

Moving On....

Describing at times,
feels so hard,
when world watches closely,
and to you,I am barred.

I still try my best,
to try and take care,
of using words carefully,
not exposing intentions bare.

I explain so deligently,
how i am imprisioned,
in these endless thoughts,
which we together envisioned.

And yet the pain,
simply grows stronger,
of just reversing time,
and living moments longer.

The moments of togetherness,
which we shared,
those moons and stars,
which we endlessly stared.

And now I am,
left all alone,
stranded and forgotten,
in this world of our own.

It was so easy,
for you to move on,
mowing all our aspirations,
and memories that are by-gone.

I should have known,
from the start,
why it doesnt matter,
to your stone-heart.

But,if I must,
I ll reiterate and tell,
goodbyes are just temporary,
they dont mean end as well.

As for me,
I learn my lessons late,
as a believer of God,
as a believer of fate.

Story of life proceeds,
without any regrets,
I myself choose to fall,
in traps,it sets....


PS- Spontaneous....


  1. Nice as always.
    I guess that's got to be diligently* there ?

    PS- Why so lost and downtrodden in essence ? just asking ! :D
    Great piece.

  2. @ankitrana1709 just written it to highlight an important stage of life...we must learn to move on...