October 26, 2013

Life as we see it..

And finally it all makes sense..
mysteries of livelihood,
nerve-wrecking situations tense.

Why it is important to know,
at pretense of being happy,
with frustrations, you glow.

Working hard to make it work,
what seems elementary,
when overhead burden lurks.

Startling,unexpectedly it comes,
appreciation so-deserved,
when a job well done sums..

Often Situations still follow you,
of times gone by,
catching you, without a clue.

You row hard,with all strength,
hoping to make a mark,
somewhere along the entire length.

Thinly spread, you find inspiration..
within common people,
battling hard, this desperation.

And finally, to commemorate the pain,
In your forgetful eyes,
dissolving this endless strain..

Time will pass,as it does,
with highs and lows,
and silencing our unheard fuss.


PS - a tale of our lives...

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