July 1, 2012


Come on,tell me my dear heart,
what you want,
I assure with all my sincerity,
there will be no taunt.
It is time to reopen,
your pandoran urn,
feel free to cast a die,
even though,out of turn.

"Desire drives me to life,my master. 
I cannot reach my destination, 
how much ever,I try to run faster. 
When at nights,I close my eye, 
desire shows me the stars, 
the depth of sky so high. 
It often talks of a revelation, 
of us being a contender to a success, 
life itself being an inspiration. 
Desire wants us to feel love, 
to find the one,with whom, 
we'll journey to the heaven above.

Desire is also a disease with no cure, 
wherever we shall reach in  life,
 it will always,lure us for more. 
It will never allow us in peace, 
try however hard to stand, 
it will always keep us on our knees. 
Sky,it shows for our rise,
but sleeping uncontended at nights, 
also seems,not so wise.
Desire for love,also i have no trust, 
makes us do weird things, 
confusing at times with love for lust.  

To play with this fire,my master, 
we must learn,
 or in this desire,
 we shall forever burn..."

 O my poor heart, 
now i understand your pain, 
why with flooding eyes, 
you still ask for rain.. !


PS-Desire is a dillema,which I feel everybody faces in their lives.At times,it becomes so important to interpret them,when exactly,they become a boon and when they can hurt you.I have tried an interpretation in my way.I would love to hear your opinion,interpretation,criticism in your way..


  1. True that !
    Our endless desires have kept us on a go since eternity.
    The question lies unanswered and would remain so as one hardly caters to this small a subject when being overshadowed by the moolah, the wonders and glitter of the materialistic world around.

    Last para toh <3
    with flooding eyes.....waah !
    \m/ k-way !

  2. Desire definitely is a mixed bag, isn't it? It can take us in the direction of happiness or become an unhealthy obsession! I appreciated your poetic reflections!

    (thanks for taking part in Poetry Pantry)

  3. A wonderful poem about desire.Keep writing more:)