July 25, 2012

When love happened,,

I wish I could stop time from flying by,
hold your hand and never say bye,

I wish I could give your lips one more smile,
remember old days and walk another mile,

I wish we could wrote one more page,
beginning with our love and ending with old age,

I wish there were just few more days,
 few more milestones before parting ways,


But, here I stand mesmerized,
making my world in your eyes,

neither the place is perfect nor I am finding words too right,
the tinge of love in air,
and you standing beside,

it is the love happening,
enough to make life right!! <3 <3 <3


  1. Wah what picture !
    Reminded me of a Rascal Flatts track.
    Equally beautiful. :)

  2. Finally!! someone posted something.. and a good one its lovely. I am happy i am Following :)