February 16, 2011

That Good Old Friend

I had that good old friend
With whom i haven't made those amends
For us this friendship was something grand
Oh, i had that good old friend
We promised each other an era of companionship
Happy times with each other is what we would worship
With him, life sailed away like a smooth ship
And so much now,i remember those acts of friendship

But now, it's all so diffrent
Gone is that relation, and it's scent
His presence to me feels like a hissing serpent
And all we can do over it, is to lament
It all started with a fight
And the ominous results were nowhere within sight
Both wanted to prove themselves right
So, fought with all their might
I may have been affected
But surely, our paths have dissected
It's a pain that life has inflicted
The future is foggy and misted
Starting to accept, he was life's just another bend
And the good times, one day had to end
What we have done, is something nobody can mend
Oh, i had dat good old friend.


  1. *tears*
    i recently had a fight with a very good friend...
    its a hard truth to walk on "life's just another bend".. ;'(
    good writing..

  2. :)
    I had already spoken about the piece bud.
    Emotions reflected !

  3. Well the poem is good...but I dont like it...for obvious reasons... :D :D