February 15, 2011

Ghostly Affair: A poetic description

It was a night so melancholic
even though the day had been so much fun and frolic
The shadowy night with its thick blanket of fog
with the distant background of a loudly barking hound dog
I was concerned for a nice sleep at the most
but the perfect stage was set for the entry of a ghost
I saw the shadowy figure, thought it was a dream
as i realized the situation, just gave out that loud scream
I said to myself, "This is only a nightmare"
to my horror, the ghost replied "As if i care"
The ghostly scent had already spread,
before i realized, i was floating halfway in air above my bed

With all my courage, i asked him "Who are you"
the ghost in a humorous tone, replied "screw you"
My body had already become numb
Still though, the ghost kept looking at me like a dumb
The ghost spoke up once again
said "U have wasted your life in vain"
He raised up his left hand
and cast a death spell on me using a hidden wand
It was something i interpreted as deadly magic
and my life to me no longer felt tragic
I was now floating along with the ghost as a soul
and my body lay on the floor smelling foul
It was time the story took a turning point
as my body and soul no longer felt joint
All i remember now is that it was the hardest slap
I heard my mom shouting "Sleepy son, as an engineer u will prove to be crap"
I woke up in haste, and thought it was a boon
Shocked to see the clock, i realized it was already afternoon
The twist in the story is that, tomorrow is my end semester exam
but I have a large volume of syllabus to cram
Moral of the story is that an exam is equivalent to a ghost
It can cause your body to freeze and frost
For the readers information, title of tomorrow's exam is "English"
Bye and God bless says RISH :-)

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