January 14, 2011

Stuff no one told me,but i learned anyway - II

Unsuccessful-"Lets blame it on HIM"

Wrote you thousand letters
but you didn't answer me
blemished and bleeding 
this soul
which i desperately want to set free
Assailed by doubts
a dagger over my throat
the very first note 
before it could float
Posted them by the sea-shore
but the tides drifted them away
And across those dunes
where the wind notorious 
was in a mood to play

I am my misery now
intertwined amidst blacks and grreys
my faith shaken
even the horizon now
paying minute long stay
not at all astound
headed back to where it all started 
sunk to the ground.

There will always be uglier and prettier people than you,
accept it and move on !

The same old dimensions
daunting at me in the mirror
Prayers and potions
making way for terror
Renouncing it all
ripping truth apart
Theroid ego's cart
I am the one ,taurine at built
my eyes,the sapphires at charming's sword hilt

Sublimity i live,subordination i see
At persona,Theophany i gift thee
But as the cart trudges
passes the known,
Argentate demonism revisits
Plunging me hard into scourge
For those who don't know,
Argentate here is with reference to the 
Silver-mercury amalgams utilised in mirror making .