January 15, 2011


i wont be here for long

to remind you that i am gone

i dont want it to end

neither want it to bend

i dont want any twists and turns

i am tired of what you do ,it hurts

i wake up everyday hoping

that i'll hear from you today

i dont know what i'll say

and then i break away

people say i am blind

but i know that i am right

they just say that i'll lose

and i wonder what to prove ?

i pick up pieces of my heart

and try to place them back

just to see how it was

and see time as it goes

i still remember your smile

and still remember those eyes

and all i can do now

is just ask you how ?

how long will you take

to take my heart again

coz i am waiting for you now

to see you grin again

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