December 14, 2010

Stuff no one told me,but i learned anyway - I

--   Challenge yourself a little bit everyday!

With your grey slippers on
which after the pour ,
a brown pallor last sunday
splashing you are,
an echo
step over step,
stain over stain,
the way you do every other day..

Don't you feel the need
when the voice within says
I've been beating in the east,
West it is, i wish to convey
Trudge on the road less taken
and let the soul proclaim,
not 'this' or 'that' 
as "The Monday"......

-- Hello is the most powerful word against lonliness !

Folding the dissent
Beneath the folds of his tie
Tucked gloom inside,
Endless desperations in disguise

For the night playing ruthless
Sparse silence and a sigh..
Even heralds of the coming chill
Visit quietly,so do they pass by..

Swiftly prompting and furling the tie
got curled,
no question of 'why ?'....
Got slackened the knot,
fleeting lonely and high
Optimistic ,
alighted to expel
 "i,me or my"...
But was thumped down to the buttons
 and complied..
Got buried , the dissent
beneath the folds of my plight.....

Special thanks to Alex Noriega, a great artist , for his inspiring thoughts, having his very own PICTORIAL work reach thousands out there.Check out his drawings 
Something i found in the yard :