December 23, 2010


Ignorance is the most disastrous act
Something that drills your heart
Leaves everything with nothing
Nothing to possess and care
When you go ahead looking in
the face Of Someone you love
And you see ignorance in the eyes
like you never knew them before.
The world seems to be empty
and you lost in the crowd.
To them you doesn't seem to sound
No matter How much are you loud.

Followed by loneliness ignorance attacks
And it's so complicated,
like you are stuck in a web
The spider of ignorance crawls you upon
Ultimately messing up everything
Leaving everything with nothing
And you start hating it
Wondering how'd it happen
Reminiscing upon the time
things started to go wrong
You seem to realize it's been so long

Long ago they started ignoring things
blaming each other, taunting like
they were targeting you with stings
Saying that it's change with time
Fights started and continued for ever
Seemed like it was gonna end never
It was atlast that ended with breaking
the relation, they got the lesson
Both admitted their fault
Thinking of turning back, Still it was their ego
they continued ignoring, waiting for the pain to go


  1. A soulful piece from u bro as olways.....!
    firstly supa cool presentation ..
    one thing i really liked was
    the style of ending a line with a word and beginning the next with the very same 1.
    "it's been so long
    Long ago they started ignoring things"
    wud use this in future is u don't mind..!

  2. truly said,
    people change with time,,
    *ignorance!!* ruins many rshp's! :/ :(