July 24, 2010

What silence has to say ....

It says more than words can

And even though it’s silent, it’s there
Silence speaks of the comfort two people can share

Two friends having great a conversation without a word spoken
However on the other end of the enjoyment spectrum
Sometimes the words not stated are the ones that need to be said
But the “awkwardness” of possible reactions keeps the words in your head

You know that uptight feeling you get?
When sitting in silence with someone makes you upset?

Blocked from the fear the other may not understand

Two worlds collide, friends unable to make a compromise
Each of the two believe his or her world is true
Leaving both feeling distressed about what to do
The feeling of, “Damn, I just can’t get through to you”

Some often enjoy it in d name of imposition
Seeking anyhow somehow a moody revision

Silence speaks the feeling of a person’s mere presence
Communicates each others genuine significance...

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