July 25, 2010

Man Pro. iz wat they call it...!

 A hanful of lines although not enough to convey the "Ghetto Impact" on the ex-M.P. students...but certainly a warning for all the wanna be Engg./Technocrats...!!!  I agree that all those who have been through this in some college, somewhere would find it convenient to get the stuff into their heads..on a comparitive basis..!!
Happy Reading !

Moving back home i noticed hydrated silicates of mud
Drowning a bit deeper, a wave ran through my blood
The cuboidal COPE-N-DRAG were now in the shape of my shoe
Heart red,gulped rage as if pricked by a SPRUE
I could smell the CLAY , the MOLASSES which were added
And ma soul thumped by the MALLET with which we padded
Reached the hood somehow , it was time for lunch
From head-to-toe, i was desperate to munch
The vagrant squeaked in with his dripping uvula
Hell..the boiling kettle caricatured the mammoth CUPOLA
Turned back, i occupied my chair
The whole day draped a Manufacturing Flair
Mom then came out with an aromatic treat
Arrghh..the glittery utensils embossed the G.I. SHEET
Stuffed the calories the way we did last winter
At the mess before giving into those 3 hr. long sinkers
Rolled the noodles with the fork's cunning teeth
Crafty enough to flash that 50x50 GROOVED piece
Backed off my chair , a WOODEN stack
                                       Yikes ...it was nothing but a T-SHAPED rack         [GOT MA PT. ;) ]
Radiance bid farewell and Black was around
Overhead  i saw someone moving round
For going  much deeper, i had to pay the price
Coz those turns gleamed the rusty BENCH-VICE
Words like mind-numbing, soul-boggling are just a bit
ALAS...! MAN PRO. is what they call it...!!
MAN PRO. is what they call it...!!

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