July 23, 2010

A Monk In Me

Every now and then,i see him standing
A bald head,withered,dead but demanding
An avalanche of answers,a hailstorm of nods
But all my savegery repays him are "silent rewards !"

He questions quite often if i there's a monk in me..
If i've lived their linneage and set this soul free
From the sins of stealing,killing or lying
From the greed and hunger humming a selfish rhyme
Now ol dese wordz are my umbilical cord
But ol this helplessness repays him are "silent rewards !"

He talks of the arched monasteries,of d dragon's pride
Their lives blissful in serenity with nothing to hide
Agony ditched down the glaciers , nothing to loose
Love and brotherhood they live, they walk in pristine shoes...
In me, he looks for d Tibetan traits, d monastic cords
But ol this disgrace repays him are "silent rewards !"

The fascination is to fetch the golden of dis town
Achieve supremo happiness dat even overshadows a clown
But dis greed,d nasty sins have always made me frown
That fascination shifts to tranquility wheneva i feel down...

He comes each time in a "red-cloak" of love
Draped in peace as if d Himalayan dove...
He boasts of a life where they live for each other
Sins of cruelity,revenge and hypocrisy are daily murdered
He brings to light the peaks blessed by divine sunlight
Of simplicity,togetherness to whiten d hallucinated night

He tries to unfold the lamina of my laments and thwarts..
But ol that my deeds repay him are "silent rewards !"
"Bitter silent rewards !"


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