July 23, 2010

Dream Riders

Sitting here and thinking how
My life much happier now
for all the ones i've chanced upon
and the tapestry that was spun

there was a time when no one came
No friends to play in childhood game
No one to shelter from the rain
Nor the adolescent pain

Yet in my inner heart i knew
Secrets rare and secrets true
Were wishes horses,all would ride
With other dreamers (friends) by ma side

Then one day i dropped ma guard
I never did something so hard
In my heart i let others in
And found i had a friend

By one's and two's they gathered near
Soothing ol ma darkest fears
A tapestry we began to weave
And i once more believe

For youth need never fade away
As long as i can dream and play
On wistful horses i will ride
With other dreamers (friends) by my side.....

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