June 9, 2012

Times are still left,Time may have past

When being lost on an island,
I understood,
Why I don’t want to be found.
Blinded and deafened by nature,
I understood,
the beautiful melody of nature’s sound.

In millions of conflict ions,
I understood,
Why is it important to agree.
Caged by banks and river,
I understood,
How it feels to be free.

Rowing through unbelievable waters,
I understood,
meaning of the belief, to believe in all.
Floating so lonely, staring the sky,
I understood,
Unless together ,we all fall.

In sweetness of thanking Almighty,
I  understood,
The bitter sadness of time running so fast.
Nostalgia takes over now,but,
I understand,
Times are still left,time may have past.



PS- This poem will continuously remind me of the last three magical days and moments we all take forward in our lives.May the endless bouts of laughter we shared, become the cornerstone of our friendship,for the future to come.Finally,I would like to thank you all for these unbelievable times.
                             “Foorward Now!!!”


  1. wow!! it leaves the reader in a peaceful state of mind yar :) awesomely written :)

  2. Seems you guys had a great time together.
    Awesomely written as usual.
    The pic too, the Ganges bank at Rishikesh right ?
    God bless K-way and co. :)

    1. Thanks bro...had an awesome time..pic is of the island beach on which we stayed...this is about 27kms upstream from Rishikesh...majestical place really!

  3. Yeah, i can understand the place you are pointing out here.
    After all, Uttarakhand hai bhai, my state ;)
    Proud lad hailing from Devbhoomi ! :) :D

  4. fab... man..!!

    hers's a blog of mine.. hav a look..