April 24, 2012


Even though,I tried a lot,
I miserably failed.
Even though,I cried a lot,
ship had already sailed.

I couldnt just tell you,
Fault is all mine.
All feels like hell now,
assault by Himself divine.

Oh!I made a mistake,
I couldnt more agree.
Bright sun now gives shade,
Pinching is shadow of tree.

I bear this unbearable pain,
with memories of my desire.
of wanting just another chance
or I'll set myself on fire.

These cruel pangs of time,
are also not so kind.
Reminding me of your innocence,
Wherever,solace I find.

 Devastated is my heart,my life,
and all that ever meant.
I am the cause of my misery,
and now all I do is, just repent.