December 2, 2011

Visits repaid

As i scribble here
with all my heart
there is this something
refraining me, pushing apart

Among these lashes
of the chill revisited
a familiar congestion
seems incarnated

Through the hair
across the face
down the spine
this quiver, in a race

And my eyes find their way
across the lone silent street
coughing, yet notorious fog
with arms wide open
declines to retreat

Its daytime or evening
hard to say
the oldie fog
never fails to find his way

way to the street
of the rich, the fast
the envious who last
and of the poor, the slow
least bothered to know

He keeps on growing
mightier and taller
engulfs life over
renders an uncertain pallor

He being the villain
Coffee the hero
aroma suffices
and a sip proves Him zero

Mercury dips
and the saga retold
But the life rattles on
as Dad says
'Have it, you've caught cold !'
Happy Winters !