July 10, 2011



What a secluded place it was,

Where my boat landed me,

My Journey halted with a pause,

On an island in the never ending sea....

When Embarked on this voyage ,

In search of Peace and Love,

Reading the signs of the ancient sage,

Crossed the sea following the white dove...

Stepped out of the rickety boat,

And strode towards the small island,

The dusking sky choked my throat,

When a thistle stuck my shoe's coat

With some wet black sand....

Moved closer into the eerie silence,

Heart pounding crazily up and down,

Saw a cave with a small entrance,

Covered with weeds of color brown...

Overcame my fear and entered inside,

Dark all around with a flickering light,

Suddenly saw someone sitting aside,

Completely flummoxed by the uncanny sight....

Stood in front of him, trying to be brave,

Though it was just clutching at straws,

"Who art thou?" asked the Hermit in the cave,

Unable to answer with my dropped jaws....

Gathered some strength to answer him,

"I'm here in search of love and peace,

Though I know its just a sudden whim,

Can you help me to control this caprice?"

With more courage and fervour,

"Why you live in solitude and seclusion?"

I asked him further,

"To be a recluse, isn't a burden?"

There was a calmness on his face,

Which emboldened my soul,

He then said some words with grace,

Which helped me to reach my goal...

He asked me to close my eyes,

To concentrate on my inner self,

and then to deeply auralize,

Whatever he would tell....

"Peace and Love are present inside your soul,

What you give is what you get,

Love everyone and develop your aureole,

Selflessly, to clear your previous birth debts.....

Let the anger and negativity flow out,

Peace will come from inside,

Follow it regularly and not as a bout,

Your mind will itself abide....

After this my soul reinvigorated,

Left the island with boat transcending,

Following that HATE turned the word i hated,

But the journey continued and is neverending......

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  1. Taken to another level by Reggae !
    motion it has !
    may it last foreva !