June 25, 2011


The morning was bright and white,

students roamed around,as a usual sight.

Some thinking deeply about the day,

some completing homework,

some enjoying weather in fullest way.

Each day seemed so same,

monotonous,similar, all so funnily lame.

But that day had a different air about it,

sun had a different shade of glare about it.

Suddenly,from somewhere,appeared a face,

I stood motionless, life revoled in a slowpace.

Still stuck in awe,to a friend i ask,

'Who is she..has Goddess arrived wearing a human mask?'

'A new admission to school',comes a prompt reply,

'..belongs to high family,her dad is a rich guy.'

seeing me bewildered,he says in laughing tone,

'Dont think too ahead,you are not alone..

...she is out of your reach,so dont be a fool.

she is hottest property of this school.'

Enraged,angered,wishing i had a sword,

'Hottest property?',how dare he use such a demeaning word.

Anger turned into a physical assault afterward,

'till this day i havent talked to that bastard.

I remember seeing everyday her face,

but sometimes courage,sometimes this stupid life's race.

All blocked my path in one way or other,

but,whatever i did,our story never went any further.

My friend was right,maybe girl was a decoy.

One day with someone,next day with another boy.

However,even in company,girl seemed lonely,

But then ,this can also be my imagination only.

I regret assaulting my friend that day on sidewalk,

As much as,to girl,never being able to talk.

But,something still hopes inside me ,in this regret,

Chapter is closed,story is not over as of yet.

Our paths will cross surely somewhere someday.

And this time ,I ll mend my way.

Still remembering those days,i smile in amuse,

'Girl'-'Friend' lost,how much more could I lose ?