October 1, 2010

Yes you, my Shadow

Trying to alight into the future
the kid in me
seduced by its complete rapture
is weighed down by this world
brings me down to the daunting now
and i look to the past i am bound

only you truly know me
my dearest shadow
in light,your darkness becomes me

Yes ,you
for moment all ceases to be
my sweet shadow
be a part of me

When darkness falls
Inside my solemn walls
Alone i am driven
Into darkest alternate planes
Dead-like dreams !

You ,yes you
seem to overwhelm and engulf me
my dreadful shadow
you want to assimilate me

Subconscious pain , a cage of grey
Is it all in vain ?
I ask every second that i beg to say
Forever in that way.....

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