September 11, 2010

A Thing Of Beauty (Konvict Version)

Climbing up the tendrils
Unfolding the world of Green

In search of what enchanted say
To explore what was unsaid ,unseen

Tenebrous leaves adorned
With diamonds and sapphires
Which HE gifted affably
That femininity earnestly desires

Beyond the shade, is what immobilizes
Limbs,breath,head and heart
I've forgotten the Green, yes the green
That has brought the cart
To the radiance i was destined to glue
Lips apart motionless, watching you bask in blue
This is neither Cyan, nor Turquoise green
With deeper You,
This is what has been unsaid,left unseen
Volant voidance is now around
The tinge of eternity , a thing of beauty
Has left someone Spell-bound !
The one by Keats :